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UCD Energy Institute and NexSys join the Women in Technology and Science (WITS) association

UCD Energy Institute and NexSys join the Women in Technology and Science (WITS) association

NexSys and the UCD Energy Institute have joined the Irish Women in Technology and Science (WITS) association.

WITS is a voluntary organisation that provides networking opportunities, workshops and career coaching and development for women in technology and science in Ireland. WITS supports women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) and aims to attract and retain more women to STEM careers, championing the importance of greater diversity in STEM. WITS connects, advocates for, and promotes the role of women in STEM, providing a network to drive change and foster inclusion.

Dr Jennifer Keenahan, Associate Professor in UCD's School of Civil Engineering, member of the UCD Energy Institute and of the WITS executive committee, said: “WITS has connected me with such a wide network of fabulous people, and I’m really excited for the researchers in NexSys to be joining this wonderful community. It is widely recognised in the literature that the quality and reach of a candidate's network is often more important than the traditional metrics of academic excellence. Having access to the WITS network, as well as the excellent program of events they host, will be transformative for researchers in NexSys” .   

“WITS are always interested in welcoming new members, as well as those interested in volunteering or contributing to our shared purpose,” she added.   

Welcoming the announcement, Assoc Prof Paula Carroll, a NexSys funded investigator in the UCD School of Business and member of the Energy Institute, said: “Connecting with WITS will bring access to a wealth of knowledge and experience in addressing gender equality issues in STEM careers. UCD has implemented 45% of the actions in its Gender Equality Action Plan 2020 - 2024, but more can be done to support and encourage women in specific sectors such as energy. I look forward to seeing what targeted initiatives and events we might design or participate in with WITS."

NexSys Operations Director Mary Gallagher-Cooke welcomed the news, noting that: “when we discussed the possibility of joining WITS at the NexSys Executive Committee, there was unanimous support. We have had feedback from people who want to build real connections and meaningful networks for their career from being a member of NexSys and the Energy Institute. We want to empower people to thrive in their work and be ready for new opportunities. Membership of such a purposeful and professional network offers a lot of benefits to our team members that we cannot make available on our own, so this membership makes sense. We are really grateful to the WITS leadership for providing this type of network, which helps us achieve our gender, equality, diversity and inclusivity goals.” 


WITS Ireland: (opens in a new window)Women in Technology and Science Ireland (witsireland.com)

NexSys: (opens in a new window)https://www.nexsys-energy.ie/

UCD Energy Institute: https://www.ucd.ie/energy/


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