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Sept 29: NexSys & SGI to host talk on District heating

NexSys is proud to partner with Smart Grid Ireland to host a talk with Claus Nielsen on the future of heat generation.

There will be a welcome by Smart Grid Ireland and Professor Andrew Keane.

UCD Energy Institution recognition

“Hosting large, multidisciplinary programmes such as ESIPP and now NexSys show the potential for advances in the energy transition when academics and industry work in partnership.”


NexSys academic Professor Lisa Ryan speaking on Energy prices, energy security and scarcity to Oireachtas TV.

Featured Articles

How Just Is The Transition?

By Aparajita Banerjee & Geertje Schuitema – Sept 2021


The energy transition has impacts on communities as well as on power systems.

This blog reflects a community impact view, illustrated by the ongoing transition in Ireland.

The Tools To Tackle Environmental Issues

July 5 2022

Dr Francesco Pilla talks about the importance of giving citizens the tech and knowledge to act on sustainability challenges. 


ESIPP  Insights Series


The Insights Series was developed to highlight key findings arising from Energy Systems Integration Partnership Programme (ESIPP) research in decarbonised energy systems.

These publications share new insights into various aspects of energy decarbonisation that have been gained from a multidisciplinary team of researchers in ESIPP from institutions across Ireland.


NexSys is financially supported by Science Foundation Ireland under the SFI Strategic Partnership Programme (Grant Number 21/SPP/3756), industry members of UCD Energy Institute and a philanthropic donation by the chair of UCD Energy Institute, Mr David O’Reilly.