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District Heating MasterClass with Claus Nielsen

On Thursday, 29 September 2022, UCD Energy Institute & NexSys, in partnership with Smart Grid Ireland (SGI), hosted a talk on the Future of Heat Generation with Claus Nielsen, Senior Project Manager of Danish multi-utility company DIN Forsyning.

Attended by industry, policy-makers and members of the public,Claus gave attendees an insight to how regions can and should transition from smart grids to a Smart energy system. 

“The energy transition wins through an efficient heating system.”Claus Nielsen

During the talk, Claus gave a presentation to share his experiences as responsible for a new zero carbon district-heating installation in the Danish seaport of Esbjerg, which replaced the city’s coal-fired power plant. The new plant supplies approx 100,000 local people with approximately 235,000 MWh of heat annually.

The installation uses renewable power from nearby wind farms and seawater as a heat source for the generation of heating energy.

Discussion and Q&A session after the presentation covered a wide range of topics relevant to the skills, infrastructure and planning required to achieve such projects.

Professor Andrew Keane delivering the master class

Professor Andrew Keane delivering the master class

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Hosted By: University College Dublin Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland.
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