NexSys has talented people working across multiple disciplines and universities, partnering to deliver.  Click here for programme information. 

Professor Andrew Keane - Director of NexSys

Andrew is Head of NexSys and the Energy Institute at University College Dublin.


Andrew Keane

Nexsys Operations Team

Mary Gallagher Cooke

Mary Gallagher Cooke

Operations Director

Cliodhna Horan

Cliodhna Horan

Research Finance & Reporting Manager

Lorna Byrne

Lorna Byrne

Education and Public Engagement Officer

Dr Laura O'Gorman

Dr Laura O'Gorman

Finance Administrator

Academic  Leads 

Academics from across NexSys are working on five programme hub strands (Energy Systems, Cities & Communities, Transport, Water and Offshore Wind) and four underpinning themes (Climate, Data, Finance and Society).

Each hub strand comprises work packages and projects.

 Cities & Communities

Strand Lead

Assoc Prof Francesco Pilla (UCD)


Strand Lead

Dr Páraic Carroll (UCD)



Strand Leads:

Dr Eoghan Clifford (NUI Galway)

Prof Eoin Casey (UCD)

Offshore Wind 

Strand Lead

Dr Vikram Pakrashi (UCD)

This research on Energy Systems will determine how energy systems should evolve to have more renewable electricity towards 2030 and subsequently get to the net zero carbon goal by 2050.

This research on Cities & Communities enables local and national authorities, communities and businesses to make their cities inclusive, resilient and sustainable so as to become carbon-neutral cities. 


The Transport strand focuses on investigating the critical infrastructure, behavioural and policy challenges of transitioning to decarbonised multi-modal transport and renewable energy use in a fair way, and identifying tangible evidence-based solutions via engagement and collaboration of key stakeholders tasked with implementing them.

The Water strand focus here will enable water utilities to adapt to climate and energy targets by providing key services in terms of enabling a more efficient energy sector, being more resilient in the context of climate-driven hazards and events, and uptake new technology to enable efficient energy use in the water sector, more efficient water management at building and industry scale and by understanding the social and political contexts that are needed to underpin these changes.

The Offshore Wind strand focuses on reducing lifetime cost and risk of offshore wind technologies and operations for reliable, long-life, cheaper, hazard-aware and resilient electricity.

The Academics who are leading the four key underpinning themes (Climate, Data, Finance and Society) of the programme.

Dr Conor Sweeney  (UCD)

Dr Conor Sweeney (UCD)


Dr James O Donnell (UCD)

Dr James O Donnell (UCD)


Dr Julie Byrne      (UCD)

Dr Julie Byrne (UCD)


Prof Lisa Ryan       (UCD)

Prof Lisa Ryan (UCD)



NexSys is financially supported by Science Foundation Ireland under the SFI Strategic Partnership Programme (Grant Number 21/SPP/3756), industry members of UCD Energy Institute and a philanthropic donation by the chair of UCD Energy Institute, Mr David O’Reilly.