SFI’s Industry Partnership 2022 award

SFI’s Industry Partnership 2022 award

Science Foundation Ireland 2022 Awards - Limerick , 21st November 2022

Congratulations to Prof. Andrew Keane, NexSys, UCD, winner of the SFI Industry Partnership of the Year Award, for recognition of work in support of the energy transition.

Prof. Andrew Keane, UCD, receives his award from the Director General of Science Foundation Ireland (SFI), Prof Philip Nolan also pictured is Prof. Orla Feely, Vice President for Research, Innovation and Impact, UCD


NexSys is led by Prof. Andrew Keane University College Dublin.

The core mission of NexSys, is to decarbonise our energy system. Importantly, NexSys brings together researchers from across the island, with key industry partners, policy-makers and communities to resolve the challenges of a just transition to a decarbonised system. EirGrid and ESB have partnered with NexSys with a commitment to research and innovation for over 15 years.


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NexSys represented at networking event for Women in STEM

As a part of Maths Week, Dr. Michelle Carey represented NexSys to attend the networking event with over 60 participants highlighting the Women in STEM activities at UCD, which took place on 20th October. The event showed talks from the UCD Women at STEM network and the UCD Women+ in STEM Student Society.

Only 25 % of those working in Ireland’s STEM industries are women (Daly, Farrell, Grimson & Smeaton, 2018, p. 2). Many of the higher-paid jobs in Ireland are in engineering and information and computer technology (ICT), so this contributes to the gender pay gap of 13.9% between women’s and men’s average gross hourly earnings, which needed to be changed to meet our gender equality objectives. This event is a part of the communication and engagement strategy to drive this significant change.



Learn more about:

Dr.Michelle Carey: https://people.ucd.ie/michelle.carey/about

UCD Women at STEM: https://www.ucd.ie/wits/