“What we can do to go green with an acceptable cost” with Professor Lisa Ryan on the Newstalk

lisa ryan

NexSys academic Professor Lisa Ryan discussed what people can do to go green with an acceptable cost with Pat Kenny on a Newstalk podcast on 3rd of August 2022


With people considering deep retrofits of their homes to reduce the amount of energy used, financial cost is a major consideration. Lisa gave her opinion: “Full deep retrofitting buildings is an expensive business, but there are many things that we can do to start the process.”


In terms of different steps to reduce carbon, people should first of all be looking at the fabric of the building and reducing that demand for energy.

The next step may be to use heat pumps to replace oil boilers, where appropriate. Some websites have a system of a “one-stop shop”, with support and information for people who know what they want for their home or business.

“ Now one of the big barriers to carrying out any of these retrofit activities is thinking about where I should start.”


At the end of the podcast, Lisa talked about the costs and benefits of a heat pump.


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Professor Lisa Ryan academic profile: https://people.ucd.ie/lisa.ryan