Research from NexSys Academics is cited and features in this important OECD report. 

The report discusses findings about investment levels in public transport and related car-dependent lifestyles in Ireland.  The report claims that changing these patterns will take a number of years, even with increased funding being allocated to public transport schemes. So rapidly reducing Ireland’s transport emissions by 2030 is a consequential challenge. It highlights that the large behavioural transformative change will only be possible if policies shift Irish transport systems away from car dependency.

Professor Aoife Ahern (UCD), Professor Lisa Ryan (UCD), Associate Professor Brian Caulfield (TCD) and Dr Paraic Carroll (UCD) from NexSys (Next Generation Energy Systems) featured in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development(OECD)’s report entitled ‘ ‘Redesigning Ireland’s Transport for Net Zero: Towards Systems that Work for People and the Planet’. Published by OECD in October 2022, the report indicates current mobility patterns in Ireland are incompatible with the country’s target in the transport sector.


“This OECD report acknowledges that Ireland has ambitious, skilled and well-intentioned stakeholders and existing untapped potential for change and innovation in transport,” said Dr Paraic Carroll, Transport Strand Lead for NexSys and Assistant Professor at UCD School of Civil Engineering.  

Note: research undertaken and quoted in this was completed outside the NexSys programme.


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The NexSys Transport Strand: https://www.nexsys-energy.ie/nexsys-programme/ 


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‘Redesigning Ireland’s Transport for Net Zero: Towards Systems that Work for People and the Planet’



Researcher Profiles:

- Professor Aoife Ahern: https://people.ucd.ie/aoife.ahern

- Associate Professor Brian Caulfield:    https://www.tcd.ie/research/profiles/?profile=caulfib

- Dr. Paraic Carroll: https://people.ucd.ie/paraic.carroll

- Professor Lisa Ryan:  https://people.ucd.ie/lisa.ryan 

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